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Transformation for innovation

Your guide to unlocking untapped potential, accelerating growth, and shifting from the status quo to the next level of success.

Annastacia Wainaina

Speaker, Author, creator of the Freedom Fires; a step-by-step process designed to assist conscious leaders to step into the greatest level of service possible.

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“We were inspired by your experience in leading a life pillared on a great vision to influence society. We have decided to act bravely in order to transform our communities into better places through positive and exemplary influence.”

Annastacia's Mission

Annastacia is on a mission to ignite new possibilities and to light a fire under purpose and passion in order enable humanity to reach a higher potential together. She is is an author, speaker, facilitator, leadership consultant, leadership coach and the creator of the Freedom Fires. Annastacia provides strategic support for management in aged care and hospitals.

Things you Will Learn!

Harness the power of this innovative approach to propel yourself towards a future filled with limitless possibilities. Prepare to break free from limitations, embrace transformation, and embark on a journey that will revolutionize your path to success.

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Methodology for Freedom Fire

WiththeWAINAINAmethodology,youholdthekeytounlockingyour truepotentialandachievingextraordinaryresults.Getreadytosoartonewheightsandwitnessyourdreamsbecomea reality.

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